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Giveaway time!



Although the last one just ended, you guys are just way too awesome not to do another one.



What you’ll get:

As usual, the rules are very simple:

  • you have to be following me & this blog
  • reblog this post, likes will not count.

Painless right?!

Previous giveaway winners :)

stoney-gilbertson, pureleaf420 ,

Good luck everyone!

Watch me not win this one either 😡


Thats right bitches its giveaway time!

The rules are quick and simple so listen up!

This giveaway includes this pipe made by me yours truly! This is my first ever pipe working with color so im super proud and a little attached to it so im going to make the rules a little differently! 

Also includes one dabber which i left at the shop and will include a photo next week!

Must be following Me  and my instagram

YOU MUST be 18 or over 

and for the first time!!!!!


Super sorry to my international followers but this one is only for my american babies! 

I plan on shipping this when im in America this october!! And of course the contest ends on HALLOWEEN!

The rules for the winner this time however are different!!

I WILL BE CHECKING ALL BLOGS (even following some new ones :))

But listen guysss!!! I honestly dont care if this gets reblogged 30000000 times i will check every single blog!!

and i am looking for a blog with proper glass appreciation!!

Not just the heady pieces by top name artists, im talking a proper love for glass for the art, the look the functionality of it! I dont want to see a bunch of the same heady pieces i see on everyones blogs of motherships and sakis, and i dont want to  choose someone that already has a million pieces either, of course you can have some but i want to keep this fair and i want this to go to someone that will really appreciate it! Not throw it on the shelf and never use it!

You can choose not to reblog if you feel my rules are too weird its totally fine but i wish you all good luck and happy reblogging!

I never win..

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